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Verdant tropical rainforest. Cool Mountain waterfalls and secluded reef  fringed beaches. An ancient river teeming with life. Sounds like paradise on earth. Visit the Daintree rainforest and discovery for yourself, where the reef meets the rainforest - it is paradise on earth. Walk through the tropical jungle and onto an unspoiled beach. Take a swimming, lie on a sandy shore, sit in the shade. Entirely relaxing.

In this "living museum" you can experience coastal rainforest that contains the most prolific flora and fauna in  the world. Cruise by boat along the Daintree River  viewing exotic wildlife like crocodiles, snakes and a fantastic bird life. Ecotourism at its best.

The rainforest is haven for visitors too. Stay in the rainforest for a few days. Drift off to sleep to rainforest sounds, waking to birdsong and a tropical breakfast. A very special place to relax and revitalise the soul. Tread carefully, but you're welcome to come and experience one of nature's masterpieces - the tropical  rainforests of Daintree.

Below is more information about Mossman Gorge, Daintree River & Village,  and north of Daintree River to Cape Tribulation.

Mossman Gorge

Mossman Gorge National Park is close to Port Douglas, and just 5 minutes  drive from Mossman - the northís sugar capital. Attracting more visitors per year than Uluru (Ayres Rock), Mossman Gorge is a spectacular National Park dissected by the waters of the Mossman River. With splendid rainforest, mountain vistas and cool swimming holes, the 56 500ha Gorge is a great introduction to the Wet Tropics.

With easily accessed rainforest and fantastic mountain streams, itís also the traditional home of the Kuku Yalanji Rainforest people.  Striving to protect their spiritual ties and natural heritage, the original tribe utilised the area from Cooktown to Port Douglas and west to Palmer River. Now thereís a permanent settlement situated on the road into the Gorge. This is where you take a rainforest walk with a guide from the Kuku Yalanji people.

If you take the 2.7km circuit track, you first cross the suspension bridge, then climb to a lookout over the lush, mist shrouded mountains that rise dramatically out of the Gorge. Continuing along the track, youíll find private swimming holes and majestic rainforest trees. Itís a great walk, takes less than an hour and requires only average fitness.

For the more adventurous, there are some limited opportunities to take extended walks. This is only recommended for experienced bushwalkers and permits must be obtained from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. Contact us for more information.

       Daintree River & Village

Port Douglas Daintree is one of the best places in the world to view native  animals in the wild, particularly in the Daintree rainforest and along the Daintree River - a naturalists paradise.  The river boasts a stunning array of animal and plant life, including palms, ferns, orchids, vines, epiphytes, butterflies, fish and diverse bird life.

The local nature based tour operators can show you, by boat or guided walk,  the best the ancient river valley has to offer. During the cooler months, youíre likely to cruise past monstrous crocodiles warming themselves in the sun, even giant pythons locked in a love embrace.   Most river boat tours depart from various points along the river, from the ferry crossing right through to Daintree Village - see Maps.

About 1 hour drive (56km) north of Port Douglas, Daintree Village is a quaint little town near the headwaters of the Daintree River. Its a spectacular road along the banks of the river leading to the township, northwest past the turn-off to the Ferry Crossing, Originally settled by red cedar timber cutters, followed by dairy farmers and a butter factory, nowadays the friendly locals will charm you with their laid back pace and attitude.  Visit the Timber Museum, relax in the village, cruise the river, or take a guided walk along Cassowary Creek. For nature tours on the Daintree River, 3 operators depart from the jetty beside town. The lush green scenery and surrounding  mountains makes Daintree Village the perfect day tour destination. Contact us for more information.

       Daintree River Crossing to Cape Tribulation

The Daintree River Ferry Crossing (50km by road north of Port Douglas), takes you from the south bank to the north bank of the Daintree River on a vehicle carrying cable ferry. The crossing, with up to 15 other vehicles on board, takes about five minutes and allows you to continue your journey north into one of the greatest wilderness areas on earth. Like a bridge, the ferry is part of the only road link from the south to Cape Tribulation and Bloomfield.

A return trip on the ferry costs about $16 for a  standard size car. Note: The Daintree River Ferry operates from 6am - Midnight, 7 days. The area north of here is where the reef meets the rainforest, so be prepared to travel through some spectacular spots. Stop for a swim, at the beach or in a cool mountain stream, enjoy stunning vistas of dramatic mountains and the azure Coral Sea. Most of the eco lodges are situated in this area, so come stay for a few days, or take one of the vast array of quality day tours available so you can experience this significant wilderness area. For more information on Tours & Charters, or Accommodation options, please contact us.

More about the Rainforest 

The Daintree River Ferry Crossing


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