Listed as a World Heritage area, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the worlds natural wonders. Its the only living thing visible from space, up close its a place like no other.

Stretching more than 2000 km along the Queensland coast, nowhere is the reef more pristine than along the Port Douglas Daintree coast. Port Douglas is Australia’s closest departure point to the Great Barrier Reef (about 32km/20mls to the outer reefs).

Gliding underwater through the coral and fish is an experience that everyone should have. Low Isles 15km/10mls off Port Douglas is a favourite destination for snorkelling and exploring. From the island’s sandy beaches you’ll find a multitude of plant and animal life. Just off the beach the warm waters teem with colourful marine life.

Further out the reef systems are larger and the water is even clearer. The cays and ribbon reefs sparkle with a diversity of life forms. Apart from fantastic snorkelling, this is the perfect place for first time or qualified divers to experience the treasures of the reef. Agincourt, Batt, Opal, Undine and  Tongue Reefs are some of the more popular dive sites. Amongst them you’ll find diverse ‘bommies’, and some secret spots that only our operators can show you.

Day tours to the reef depart from Marina Mirage in Port Douglas. Each day, depending on the tides, weather and visibility, reef tour operators choose two or three sites out of about twenty-five possibilities to ensure you have the opportunity to snorkel and dive the best available. Most take smaller groups, and directly access the water from the boat.

Any time of the year is suitable for snorkelling and diving on the Great Barrier Reef. If you visit during late spring or early summer, you may have a chance to night dive during the coral spawning - said to be ‘the largest orgasm in the world’.

Local boat operators have friendly, qualified instructors to teach you the basics on the trip out to the reef, where you can then safely snorkel or try an introductory dive.  Even for inexperienced swimmers, most local day tour operators provide full instruction, supervision and floatation devices.  For certified divers the range of dive trips available are endless, from day tours to extended 5 day trips.  If you’d like to get certified, ‘Learn To Dive’ courses are available. Port Douglas Daintree has some of the best snorkel and dive sites in the world at its back door, so spend a day enjoying an experience second to none. Please remember to leave the reef as you find it, don’t disturb anything you find and don’t stand on the coral. (Leave everything except your rubbish). Contact us for more information.  


The Great Barrier Reef acts as a barrier from the swells of the Pacific Ocean, providing a safe haven for sailing the tropical waters of the Reef and Rainforest Coast. The tranquillity of sailing is enhanced by the pristine beauty of the reefs and islands nearby. Relax and unwind while silently slipping through the waves beneath the billowing sails and blue skies.

 Why not charter your own vessel and take a few days to retrace Captain Cook’s historic voyage in 1770. Try not to re-enact his misfortune at Endeavour Reef and repairs to his ship at Cooktown. You too can escape through the reefs beyond fabulous Lizard Island.

Sunbathe, swim and snorkel, or explore the fantastic reefs and islands. From Port Douglas you can take day trips to Low Isles or extended sailing adventures. The Reef and Rainforest Coast has a variety of sailing vessels to inspire you, including modern multi-hulls, luxury yachts to the classic Chinese junk. Contact us for more information.


All year round, the Fishing on our coastal waters is regarded as first class. The weather and variety of natural environments make Port Douglas Daintree a paradise for big game, reef and estuary fishing. Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Mackerel, Barramundi,  and Mud Crabs are some of the areas regular and favoured catches.
 The local beaches, public jetty in Port Douglas, old Mowbray River Bridge and Daintree River are all popular local fishing spots. You can hire your own gear and go estuary fishing or crabbing in Dickson Inlet, basically in the middle of Port Douglas. Hire your boat and you can fish close to town. The Daintree River is also a good spot for Barramundi and Mangrove Jack.
 Usually snaring Coral Trout or one of the great many varieties of fantastic eating fish, reef or bottom fishing is the way to go for many fisherman. You can get out to the reef for a full day of fishing action, and some operators let you snorkel with the fish as well. The skippers know the local conditions and tides, and picks the spots where the fish are most likely to be running.

 Port Douglas is the closest departure point to the famous Marlin and Big Game fishing areas of the north. Charter a game fishing boat to chase Black Marlin, Sailfish or Mahi Mahi on the reef. There are luxury big game boats for the serious fisherman, decked out with all the gear you need to make the catch of a lifetime.

The only thing better than catching the fruits of the Coral Sea is feasting on your catch when you get home - happy fishing!
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